About Us

Florida International University (FIU) Student Ambassadors are a select group of students who serve as hosts and hostesses for visiting dignitaries at numerous university and community functions. These events may include conferences held at FIU, convocations, guest lectures, athletic tailgates, President’s Council meetings, Alumni Association and Foundation donor events, campus tours, and the annual Torch Awards Gala. The offices of the President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Alumni Relations and other prominent areas within FIU work with Ambassadors for their various needs. Student Ambassadors are vital to the mission of the university. To request an ambassador, visit the Contact Us section.


The FIU Student Ambassadors are the Official Ambassadors of Florida International University. We serve the prominent offices of the University to advocate and represent the greatest needs of FIU, the needs of our students, future Panthers, and alumni. The FIU Student Ambassadors support the mission of the University by enhancing the student experience, educating students on the importance of philanthropy, traditions, and their lasting relationship with FIU.

Program History

The FIU Student Ambassador program was started in 1997 out of the Office of the President.  In later years, the FIU Foundation under the leadership of the FIU Alumni Association took on the advising and management of this exceptional group of student leaders.  The FIU Student Ambassadors were created to support the university by representing FIU students while interacting with executive staff, faculty, community members, alumni and donors.

The FIU Ambassadors mission has changed from its inception, but their goal has always been to support the university in whatever way possible to help bring in donations to support the student experience at the university.  In 2017, the Student Ambassadors began their work as the university’s student philanthropic council, helping to bring awareness to our student body about the importance of sharing your time, talent and treasure with FIU.  Philanthropy means “love of mankind” for this reason, it is the mission of the Student Ambassadors to inform the students of FIU of the importance of loving our alma mater as a student and beyond graduation.


With the guidance of the FIU Alumni Association and as an organization under the FIU Student Government Association, the Ambassadors support and lead more than 30 events annually for students, staff, faculty, alumni and community supporters. In FY19, the FIU Student Ambassadors connected with more than 21,900 students through a variety of outreach efforts including but not limited to events, email newsletter, social media, commencement fair, scholarship applications and volunteered more than 1,800 hours through hosting tours, planning, hosting and supporting events, community service initiatives.